Mission & Vision

BK Charity provides organizations and donors with effective ways to give to causes, regions and crises throughout Central America. We deliver a wide range of giving solutions through an alliance of globally focused charities, management of a large workplace giving campaigns and partnerships to meet the needs of organizations and donors. Our expertise, business acumen and efficiency ensure that charitable gifts are put to work to help others.


The aim of BK charity is to witness our Brothers and Sisters in Latin America attain a life free from all forms of poverty, inequality and injustice; where each individual is afforded the opportunity to actualise his/her potential; where solidarity and cultural values are at the core of human development.


In the spirit of fraternity and co-operation, BK Charity will support the deprived people of Latin America through the intercession of the Little Sisters of the Assumption to eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice in their lives. We will support and assist them to develop a self-sustaining environment where they have access to proper educational, social and health facilities.